Module 5 | Evaluation


Purpose of Module 5

An Assessment Centre, irrespective of its purpose, must deliver reliable and valid results in a cost effective manner. The purpose of this module is to position aspects to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of the centre, as well as approaches to determining the reliability and validity of a centre.

Course Outcomes

  • • Knowing how to conduct a systematic evaluation of the AC content and process involving all key stakeholders.
  • • Knowing how to determine the operational reliability and the internal reliability of the overall AC process, as well as the different assessments within the AC.
  • • Knowing which types of validity analyses as is required by the purpose of the AC, to conduct, as example construct validity, predictive validity, training validity, etc.
  • • Being knowledgeable about the ethics of evaluating and validating an Assessment Centre.

Target Groups

Participants attending Evaluating and Validating Assessment Centres should already have attended Observer 101, Designing Centres 101, as well as Implementing ACs 101. In addition, participants are:

  • IO Psychologists
  • HR Professionals
  • Psychometrists
  • Anyone with a solid background in Human Behaviour

Continuous Professional Development

Up to 14 CEUs can be earned by attending


Two days

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