Module 4 | Implementing


Purpose of Module 4

Delivering reliable and valid Assessment Centres are a combination of various factors. However, the consistent and effective application of the centre with competent process owners, are also significant factors that influence valid and reliable centres. The purpose of this module is to position aspects that need to be adhered to during and after a centre to enable reliable and valid centres.

Course Outcomes

  • Being able to design effective observer training programmes
  • Being able to ensure competent Assessment Centre staff
  • Being able to identify appropriate criteria to select observers and other role players
  • Being able to effectively administer an Assessment Centre to also enable operational reliability
  • Being able to facilitate the data integration session
  • Ensuring that effective reporting and feedback take place
  • Knowing what processes to have in place to ensure effective future Assessment Centres – e.g. data capturing; data storage; cost reconciliation; stakeholder feedback and Assessment Centre maintenance
  • Being knowledgeable about the ethics of implementing an Assessment Centre

Target Groups

  • IO Psychologists
  • Psychometrists
  • People working in Human Resources or Training and Development
  • Anyone with a solid background in Human Behaviour

Continuous Professional Development

Up to 14 CEUs can be earned by attending


Two days

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