Aim of the Study Group

The Assessment Centre Study Group is a special interest group of practitioners in South Africa who presents a conference on assessment centres each year. The study group operates independently, both professionally and financially and consist of a committee of volunteers who are elected every second year. The chairperson is elected out of the committee and he/she resume responsibility for the functioning of the study group.

Objectives of the Study Group

  • To promote the professional use of the assessment centre technique.
  • To facilitate the exchange of experience and skills with regard to this technique.
  • Provides forum to exchange research, insights, and information related to the science, practice, and teaching of assessment centres.
  • To ensure that this technique will be applied in an ethical and professional manner by its users.
  • To ensure that the application of the techniques in Southern Africa keeps pace with overseas development in this field.
  • To identify and address related problem areas.

In striving to achieve these objectives, the Study Group provide a forum where practitioners and individual can interact and exchange knowledge, best practices and experiences of the use of assessment centres in South Africa.

ACSG Constitution

You are welcome to download the ACSG Constitution.

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