2018 Conference

12 - 16 March 2018

Adapting to Disruption: Assessment Centres in the Future

Abstract Booklet

Monday, 12 and Tuesday, 13 March 2018
AC Academy training workshop presentations are available upon request (from info@acsg.co.za) by delegates that attended these specific modules
Sandra Schlebusch - The Design and Development of an Assessment Centre (Designing Centres 101)
Anne Buckett - Evaluating and Validating and Assessment Centre (Validating ACs 101)

Wednesday, 14 March 2018
Workshop presentations are available upon request (from info@acsg.co.za) by delegates that attended the specific workshop(s)
Petrus Nel - Introduction to Assessment Centres
Ute-Christine Klehe - Developing Structured Selection Interviews
Sandra Schlebusch - Introduction to Development Centres
Ute-Christine Klehe - Conditional Reasoning Tests as Alternatives to Self-report Questionnaires on Assessing Undesirable Personality Traits

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Opening Address:
Cathy Sims - Key trends and assessment practices in assessing future graduate talent

Open Space Sessions:
Stacy Isaacs & Jessica Techlenburg - A paperless Assessment Centre approach: Making use of technology to create an optimal candidate and assessor experience
Cobus Gerber
- Middle management Assessment Centre in the public service: Analysis, design, implementation and evaluation
- Ethical Requirements Checklist
- Ethical Risk Matrix
Kevin Distiller - What about the front line? Using gamification to apply Assessment Centre concepts to the recruitment of entry level workers
Jeanne Olivier - 96 countries, 2200 people and 4 assessments: A customised experiential Assessment Centre for one of the world's leading companies
Gerdi Mulder - Observers in Assessment Centres: A dying art or possibility for re-invention?
Karien Stadler & Fred Guest - A case study in the design and implementation of a multi-method, multi-location Assessment Centre as part of te development of a diverse samle of executives in the aviation industry

Plenary sessions:
Sandra Schlebusch and others- IGNITE Adapting to disruption: ACs in the future
Kim Dowdeswell - Reinventing the Assessment Centre or Reinventing the Organisation?
Julian Hewitt - Using Assessment Centre technology to disrupt the education system
Martin Lanik - Leadership Development
Terry Meyer - Guerrillas vs Gorillas
Coenie Middel - Disrupting the landscape of Assessment Centres
Nicola Taylor - Beware the shiny stuff

Marius Meyer
- The South African Leadership Standard: An opportunity to leadership assessment, development and performance improvement
- South African Leadership Standard - 2017 First Edition

Friday, 7 April 2017

Keynote address:
Ute-Christine Klehe - Candidates' self-preservation when responding to personality inventories, interviews and Assessment Centres

Open Space Sessions:
Pieter Bronkhorst - Corporate turnaround and Assessment Centres: Its role in the turnaround in the financial fortunes of a large South African manufacturing concern
Carl Herman - young future entrepreneurs in Southern Africa: Key findings and learnings from a scholarship and fellowship study
Anne Buckett, Linda Fourie, Crystal Hoole and Sandra Schlebusch - Research Symposium
David Ambler, Megan De Chalain, Angelique Diedericks and David Lambiotte - Digitalisation of business processes in a changing world; Game based psychometric assessments (Available upon request (from info@acsg.co.za)
Headman Mbiko and Deon Meiring - Establishment and development of a Development Assessment Centre in the Department of Mineral Resources: Lessons learnt along the way
Renchia Strauss - Make future talent work through Coaching Assessment Centres

Plenary session:
Deon Meiring, Vuyani Muleya, Sandra Schlebusch and Rodney Lowman - Code of Ethics for Assessment Centres in South Africa

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