2016 Conference

28 February - 1 March 2016

Addressing leadership challenges using Assessment and Development Centres

Abstract Booklet

Wednesday, 6 April 2016
Workshop presentations are available upon request (from info@acsg.co.za) to the delegates that attended the specific workshop(s)
Petrus Nel - Introduction to Assessment Centres
Marise Born - Classic and promising new routes for cross-cultural Assessment
Sandra Schlebusch - Introduction to Development Centres
Marié de Beer - Introduction to Research

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Keynote address:
Marise Born - Assessment and development of which leadership?

Plenary sessions:
Rodney Lowman - Ethical practice of Assessment Centres in the workplace
Martin Lanik and others - IGNITE Leadership Potential
Opening Slides
Antoni Barnard - Assessing leadership potential for a VUCA world
Rodney Lowman - Leadership potential
Calum McComb - Defining leadership potential
Kim Dowdeswell - The role of the Assessment Centre Model in leadership identification and development
Linda Hall - Measuring readiness of leaders and lemons
Danie Oosthuizen - What can we learn from neuroscience in understanding leadership behaviour
Martin Lanik - Millennial leaders R on Fleek
Sandra Schlebusch - The thinking leader

Practice Sessions
Anthony Wilson - Exploring why competency based interviews scores often differ from other Assessment Centre scores
Marcel Harper - Using elite leadership teams for leadership development and application

Research Symposium
Deon Meiring - The evolution of the AC research focus area from infancy to early adulthood
Jürgen Becker - The general performance factor in AC ratings in South Africa
Anne Buckett - Not more than g: The link between Assessment Centres and cognition
Suzanne Stone - Construct validity implications of Trait Activation Theory on Assessment Centres
Francois de Kock - Assessor constructs that enable judgement accuracy - A look at current and completed research

Friday, 8 April 2016

Keynote address:
Theo Veldsman - Leadership as a mission-critical organisational capability: The pressing need for a large scale organisational intervention perspective

Plenary sessions:
Martin Lanik - Deeper insights through big data: Assessment Centres beyond 2015
Deon Meiring, Rodney Lowman and Sandra Schlebusch - A code of ethics for Assessment Centre Practice

Practice Sessions:
Wilma Botha - Perspectives on the "2015 Best Practice Guidelines of the Assessment Centre Method in South Africa: A practitioner's view. Available upon request from info@acsg.co.za
Leonie Els - A case study on identifying high potentials for leadership development
Sandra van den Ordel - The dark side of leadership: Cause and effect of leadership derailment. Available upon request from info@acsg.co.za

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