2015 Conference

28 February - 1 March 2015

Bridging the gap: ACs in emerging markets

Abstract Booklet

Wednesday, 25 March 2015
Workshop presentations are available upon request (from acsgsa@gmail.com) by delegates that attended the specific workshop(s)
Petrus Nel - Introduction to Assessment Centres
Diana Krause and Sarah Schäfer - Designing and applying western focused Assessment Centre programmes to emerging markets
Jürgen Becker and Caitlin de Kok - Understanding your AC's data 102
Sandra Schlebusch - Introduction to Development Centres
Hennie Kriek - Designing and evaluating Situational Judgement Tests (SJTs)
Research Focus Area Workshop:
Klaus Melchers - How can I see whether a selection procedure is valid and fair and what can I do if it is not?
Jürgen Becker and Deon Meiring - Physiological experiences of test-takers exposed to sample-based assessments

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Opening address:
Chris Marais - The challenges and opportunities of doing business in Africa

Keynote addresses:
Diana Krause - A comparison of Assessment Centre applications in South Africa, Indonesia, North America and Western Europe
Hennie Kriek - The future of Assessment Centres in South Africa

Open Space Session One
Kim Dowdeswell and Gerda van der Merwe - To tech or not to tech: Views from different perspectives
Marita Becker, Shirleen Titus and André Venter - The design and effective application of a 360 assessment tool in a large diverse organisation
Wilhelm Crous - Human capital and labour market trends and developments in emerging markets in Africa
Brandon Pleaner - Building an automated integrated report for Assessment and Development Centres
Anthony Wilson - Avoiding burnout when facilitating Assessment Centres in the emerging markets of the Middle East
Jürgen Becker and Anne Buckett - Leadership competencies required to deal with change in emerging markets

Open Space Session Two
Lydia Cillié-Schmidt and Sandra Schlebusch - Gamified simulations: Some practical tips
Jürgen Becker and Gerdi Mulder - The unintentional predictions of ACs
Hendrik Bronkhorst - The relative performance of 13 developing countries in terms of leadership competence
Ceri Mongie - Maintaining the essence of a Development Centre with automated reports
Danie Oosthuizen - Lessons learned from India: How we can simplify the AC/DC process and make it more accessible
Natasha Müller - Re-aligning a leadership Development Centre to ensure cross cultural relevance: A case study

Friday, 27 March 2015

Keynote address:
Klaus Melchers - What does Assessment Centres measure?

Plenary sessions:
Marius Meyer - Using an Assessment tool to prepare for a national HR standards audit
Cynthia Schoeman - A strategic framework for effective ethics management

Open Space Session Three
Rachelle Visser - Automated Development Centre report: Thumbs up or not quite
Wilma Botha and Danie Oosthuizen - Qualitative methodology in Assessment Centre research: Features, guidelines and suggestions
Suzanne Gericke - Assessment Centre design for gauging leadership in an emerging market
Jaco de Jager - Multicultural experiential Assessment: A case study from the utilities environment
Ester Kruger for Lisa Ashton - The millennial generation and the competencies required of future leaders - does this apply to the world of work in emerging markets?
Pieter Möller - Future leadership development programme - will international Assessment standards do the job in Africa

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