2013 ICACM and ACSG Conference

28 February - 1 March 2013

Assessment Centre Methods: Sustaining Evidence-based Talent Management

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Petrus Nel - Introduction to Assessment Centres
Brian Hoffman - The assessment of managers: ACs versus multisource feedback
David Bischof and Bill Byham - How to identify, develop and retain leadership talent
Sandra Schlebusch - Introduction to Development Centres>/a>
Aletta Odendaal -
Coaching as a tool for personal and professional development: Towards a model of practice-based evidence
- Purpose perspective process exercise
- Case presentations
- Developing your own coaching network
- Feedback orientation
- The grow coaching model
Alyssa Gibbons, Dan Hughes, Deon Meiring and Jürgen Becker - Evidence-based practice when evidence is sparse: Research gaps and what practitioners can do about them
Mary-Joe Emde - Feedforward: A neuroscience approach to feedback
- NeuroLeadership in 2011 and 2012
- NeuroLeadership and Integrative Neuroscience
- SCARF® in 2012: updating the social neuroscience of collaborating with others

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Official opening by Bill Byham
Opening address by Geeva Pillay - South Africa's national development plan 2030

Keynote Addresses
Brian Hoffman - Toward multifaceted interpretation of Assessment Centre performance
Mary-Joe Emde - Neuroscience of feedback

Plenary Session
Martin Lanik and others - IGNITE: Technology-enabled Assessment Centre 2.0: Where is the evidence?
Introduction - Martin Lanik
Alyssa Gibbons for CSU
Sandra Schlebusch for LeMaSa
Hennie Kriek for TTS
Julie Bellamy for PKC Group
Linda Hall for Landelahni
Sari Lehkonen for EPSO
Closing - Martin Lanik

Open Space Session 1
David Bischof - Talent management and succession planing at executive level - a Development Centre project
Wilma Botha - Removing the lamp from under the bucket: Nurturing talent in a person-centered Development Assessment Centre
- A humanistic guide to coaching
- The person-centered approach to coaching
Scott Erker - From measurement to analytics: Methods for applying evidence-based management and advanced analytics to Assessment Centre programmes
Vuyani Muleya, Linda Fourie and Sandra Schlebusch - Ethical challenges in Assessment Centres within the South African context
Ceri Neilson and Pieter Möller - Do traditional Assessment Centres cater for the recruitment of the millennial generation?
Elizabeth Vasquez - AC based leadership development that works
Meitriani Dian Utami - Preparing our future leaders, an insight from Assessment Centre results
Anthony Wilson - Staying healthy and avoiding burnout in the helping process.

Open Space Session 2
Eugene Lurie - Who brings you profit - your boss or your teller? (Line and top management competencies as predictors of business outcomes in a bank)
Rhulani Makhubela - Competency-based assessments for senior management service (SMS) members in the South African public service
Gerdi Mulder - Trait activation theory: A practical application
Vuyani Muleya, Linda Fourie and Sandra Schlebusch - Ethical challenges in Assessment Centres within the South African context
Gert Roodt, François de Kock and Sandra Schlebusch - Criteria, practices and ethical pitfalls when selecting assessment instruments for your Assessment Centre
Joe Ungemah - Engaging participants in assessment: A choice of fidelity
Jan Van Der Westhuizen - Advantages of technology in evidence-based talent management

Friday, 15 March 2013

Keynote Addresses
Bill Byham - Where Assessment Centres are going and how they will get there: Improvements in selection / promotion accuracy and development success
Alyssa Gibbons and Dan Hughes - Evidence-based practices in Assessment Centres: Strengths, concerns and challenges from a global survey

Plenary Sessions
George Thornton - Talent managment and alternative centre models: Construct validity evidence for different Assessment Centres for different purposes
Leon Van Vuuren and Sandra Schlebusch - Ethical Assessment Centres: Theory, principles and cases

Open Space Session 3
Martin Lanik - Test Drive: How Assessment Centres are emerging at the forefront of talent management
- Handout
Sari Lehkonen and Stéphane Vanderveken - Legal constraints of running large-scale Assessment Centres in the European public sector (presentation available upon request from acsgsa@gmail.com)
Jeanne Olivier and Christelle Van Rensburg - 360 Evaluations: Does it add value to the Assessment Centre process?
Aldira Meyer - Increasing work engagement through knowledge sharing intervention
Klaus-Peter Müller and Gert Roodt - Content validation: The forgotten step-child or a crucial step in AC validation?
Danie Oosthuizen and Kim Dowdeswell - Using external benchmarking to determine the components of an organisation's Assessment Centre that add the most value in identifying potential
Daniel Pichl and Laszlo Reisch - Developmental assessment practices at Siemens: Lessons learnt and trends for the future (presentation available upon request from acsgsa@gmail.com)
Lou Van Beirendonck - Enriching Assessment Centres with appreciative inquiry: Creating opportunities for talent

Open Space Session 4
Antoni Barnard and Vuyo Nako - Construct validity of a managerial Assessment Centre
Pieter Bronkhorst - Internet-based AC and potential: Evidence to predict functioning at increasingly complex levels of work
Scott Erker - No passport required: Effectively implementing Assessment Centres across borders
Jeanne Olivier - Assess for success: How competency-based interviews can add value to your Assessment Centre
- Conducting an objective competency-based interview
Gert Roodt, François de Kock and Sandra Schlebusch - Criteria, practices and ethical pitfalls when selecting assessment instruments for your Assessment Centre
Sandra Schlebusch and André Gouws - The design and implementation of a collaborative Development Centre for training professionals: A case study
Johan Struwig and Kim Dowdeswell - Assessment Centre reliability and the role of participant motivation: Does it depend on task?
Marina Coetzee and Caitlin de Kok - Combining Assessment Centres with performance rankings

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