2006 Conference

  • Alison Felix - The role assessments play in transforming strategy into action.pdf
  • Benny Olivier and Ben Meyer - Assessment Centre your vehicle to growth leadership.pdf
  • Danie Oosthuizen - Utilizing qualitative research methodology in doing Assessment Center related.pdf
  • Deon Meiring - Feedback on ACSG activities.pdf
  • Deon Meiring - The development of a Situational Judgment Test for the South African Police Servic.pdf
  • Deon Meiring - Welcome.pdf
  • Elize de Beer and Anton Grobler - Fairness perceptions of the Assessment Centre.pdf
  • Esme Smith - Using a career development centre as tool to identify talent in the IT industry.pdf
  • Filip Lievens - Easing the inferential leap in Compentency modeling.pdf
  • Filip Lievens - The use of Situational Jidgment Tests in high stakes selection settings.pdf
  • Flip Diedricks - Common global leadership issues.pdf
  • Gerhard Roodt and Sandra Schlebusch - Validation research on a collaborative development centre.pdf
  • Ian Williamson - Different Strokes for Sifferent Folks.pdf
  • Ian Williamson - The role of social factors in the selection process.pdf
  • Jacques Haworth - The relationship between potential and applied capability in a transformation.pdf
  • Jan Hendrik vd Westhuizen - The value of Assessment Centres in or as part of an enterprise busine.pdf
  • Karl F Mauer - Validation of an Assessment Centre for Senior Managers in the Public Service.pdf
  • Kas Koekemoer - The use of Assessment Centres to conduct a skills audit in the new South Africa.pdf
  • Marise Born - Application of the Social Relation Model in performance ratings.pdf
  • Panel Discussion.pdf
  • programme.pdf
  • Ruben Richards - Finding talent for the South African Landscape.pdf
  • Sovash Hefele - Identifying and selecting talent for accelerated development and progression.pdf
  • Wilma Botha - Assessment Centre feedback, Lessions learned.pdf
  • Workshop 1 - Anthony Wilson.pdf
  • Workshop 2 - Eugene De Bruin.pdf
  • Workshop 3 - Sherin Bickrun.pdf
  • Workshop 4 - Filip Lievens.pdf

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